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11月11日(土) – 11月23日(木)

– お休み – 11月15日(水)・16日(木)・21日(火)

open 12:00〜18:00

(最終日 23日は17時閉店)

open 12:00〜18:00



mushimegane books.
熊淵 未紗 作品集




11.10(金)〜11.12(日)お渡し限定でTHOREAUさん @thoreau__ が


Gallery Credence2023.10.28

[日本陶瓷藝術家 熊淵未紗Misa Kumabuchi Ceramic Show (Oct 28- Nov 5 in Gallery Credence]

熊淵未紗老師畢業於日本岐阜縣多治見市的意匠研究所,並於2010年,在兵庫縣締造了名為「mushimegane books」的陶藝工作室。她的作品被日本許多餐廳、私人廚師及料理職人廣泛運用。



[Japanese Ceramic Artist – Misa Kumabuchi Ceramic Show (Oct 28 – Nov 5 in Gallery Credence]

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Misa Kumabuchi San graduated from the Design Institute in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and in 2010, she established a renowned pottery studio called “mushimegane books” in Hyogo Prefecture. Her works are widely used in many restaurants, private chefs, and culinary professionals in Japan.

Kumabuchi San explores the theme of human connection with music through her ceramic creations, cherishing the encounters facilitated by these objects. She aspires to provide delightful artifacts in people’s daily lives and presents them with humility and gratitude. Through her pieces, she aims to offer a departure from monotonous days and allow individuals living in a fixed rhythm to experience the joy of life. As a result, each of her works carries subtle variations.

Using primarily electric kilns for firing, Kumabuchi San occasionally employs the technique of wood-fired pottery. She collects natural materials such as seashells, coral, and sand, grinding them into granules to be used as glazes for her ceramics, imbuing them with a sandy texture. In one of her series, the cracks on the surface resemble the vibrant vibrations that unfold when striking marble, rippling out like small stones sinking into water, forming concentric ripples.

The show will be held in Gallery Credence. Details are as follows: 

地點:Gallery Credence (旺角彌敦道581號2樓全層)

Date: Oct 28 – Nov 5, 2023
Time: 1-7pm
Venue: Gallery Credence (2/F, 581 Nathan Road, Mongkok)

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